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Our Story 

The team of physicists, chemists and scientists at AVE NATURA were able to prove there is a door full of new possibilities concerning the intake of natural substances, extracts and essences and their healing effect on our bodies. 

We've developed a specific technology that makes use of our knowledge of quantum physics on a molecular level. This allows us to combine selected raw extracts and essences from plants and trees. The results are gentle, yet highly effective solutions that are ionically charged with both polarities, positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons.  Our solutions are able to react full spectrum with either charge of a molecule in the body, or surfaces of biological structures, both positive and negative at the same time. Thanks to our use of ANF technology, we have created products that have the ability to absorb and rid the body of free radicals, and further contribute to maintaining the body in optimal condition.

Additionally, the particles in our products maximally reach the size of a few angstroms which only further confirms their great capability of acting on a molecular level. (An angstrom is a unit of length used to express electromagnetic wavelengths – it is equal to one tenth of a millimicron, about 1/10 millionth of a millimeter). Taking this into consideration, one can only imagine what extraordinary capability our products have to penetrate into biological structures - up to 5 times more effectively than alcohol or boiling water.

Above all, they have the ability to penetrate on acellular level as well as increase the rate of ion exchange to a significant extent. In the case of living organisms, it could be called a more evolved exchange and an ease in the give and take of nutrients in the human body. Consecutively, an efficiency in eliminating harmful toxins and with that a heightened ability for a strong immune system. 

Why are our products considered unique on a global scale?

Our formula is remarkable. So far, we know of one globally known company that has had great results from their studies using the same methodology.  

We are not saying that more of these companies do not exist, but either way, this area is vastly unstudied and opens up a great opportunity for growth. 

We are also not claiming that we have arrived at the solution, quite the opposite, we are humble and understand that we are at the starting point while still proud of the results we have made. 

Our results were made possible with the use of selected natural substances, extracts and essences that provide a greater capability for healing than a person can imagine. 

It is possible nature may have a greater friend in physics than in chemistry, on this unsettling road toward greatness on which you are welcome to join us on. Step by step we are preparing to bring new products into distribution. We want to create a strong company of conscious consumers at a global magnitude. 

Consumers, who believe that with nature we can receive more than we had thought we could, up until now. 

Nature is perfect

There are endless possibilities when describing nature and it's unique spectrum of diversity. It can be showcased even in it's simplest form, the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals. Both depending on each other in different forms, thus creating harmonious ecosystems. Ecosystems that humanity is a part of. It may be better obliged to say, that humanity is placed at the top of this artwork. 

That is enough to inspire us and bring us back to what people have benefited from since the beginning of time - understanding this is basic knowledge. 

Considering nature's perfection, it would be wise to use this knowledge as a tool to upgrade the quality of our health and our lives. However, reality seems more complicated than that. People are finding it harder to understand what cosmetics, processed food, and personal hygiene products are truly made of. It has become a maze trying to find what is truly safe for your family and what can be harmful and dangerous for your family, for yourself, or for your loved ones. 

The last 100 years for humanity were full of breath-taking discoveries, and yes they have greatly improved our living conditions. However, we have forgotten nature and it's processes have become what we consider a given fact. Unquestionable. 

It has gone as far as humanity acting as if it even has power over nature's processes. With this knowledge, we must return to the beginning, and going back can be a difficult task. 

Every day, substances are absorbed into our bodies that previously did not even exist. The atmosphere is full of exhaust gases that we absorb through our lungs and our skin, synthetically produced cosmetics, harmful additives in our groceries, such as growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics, the remains of chemicals that are sprayed into our air, synthetic colours, bleaching agents, etc.

Our bodies are not adapted to these kinds of substances and are beginning to respond in the form of harsh, many times, uncurable diseases.

We care about the environment

All of our products contain only natural substances, extracts and essences. 

The characteristics of our products are effective essentially because of their ability to use the natural laws of physics and chemistry pertaining to the physical body and biological structures. The processes by which we obtain these extracts and essences are based off of basic chemical reactions that provide our products with extraordinary capabilities. Our production process does not produce any harmful waste, or by-products. It is based on the use of exclusively raw materials. 

AVE NATURA products are biodegradable. In the short time span of 30 days, any waste from our products will decompose without excreting any harmful waste into the environment. 

AVE NATURA is a European company with our home office, based in the city of Vienna, Austria. Our International office is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. You may contact us at either location. 


Our locations: 

EU. Office  

Donau-City Straße 7/30

DC Tower

1220 Vienna, Austria

US. Office 

2061 Vinings Circle

West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Our Mission

We make cosmetics ridiculously healthy for people and the planet! THIS IS OUR MISSION !

Our products are prepared only from highest quality Non-GMO ingredients, we exclude any botanicals exposed to pesticides or any synthetic agents. There is nothing toxic or synthetic in our products.

Ave Natura products are crafted in small amounts with high quality organic ingredients that are locally sourced in Europe in bio-dynamic farms. 

Fruit acids stimulate skin cell turnover while promoting the health of the new skin cells that replace the dead skin cells. This helps brighten the skin and even the complexion, fading pigmentation and dark spots. Additionally, these acids serve as an alarm clock to cells deep within the skin, telling them to produce more collagen and elastin, reducing the depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles